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PU CAD organizes painting exhibition
PU CAD organizes painting exhibition

LAHORE: 1st Anna Molka Plein Air Residency 2023 was organized by the Anna Molka gallery, College of Art and Design, Punjab University. The residency took place in Khanaspur. KPK, Khanaspur is a small town situated just a few kilometers from Ayubia. KPK the residency took place from the 22rd of October to the 29th of October 14 renowned artists participated in the Residency.
The Exhibition was inaugurated by Ms Saman Rai, Director General, Population Welfare Department, Govt of the Punjab on November 16, 2023 at the Grand Hall, College of Art & Design, University of the Punjab, Allama lqbal Campus. A loge number of Artists, highups faculty members and students of the College of Art & Design were present at the occasion.