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Two-Day CPD Training Workshop on Intellectual Property and Patent Filing for Filers
Two-Day CPD Training Workshop on Intellectual Property and Patent Filing for Filers

Punjab Higher Education Commission will prepare a framework for the protection of intellectual property rights of universities teachers. Under which innovation and creativity will be encouraged and the teachers who file patents will be given financial incentives and rewards. Addressing the closing ceremony of the two-day CPD training workshop on Intellectual Property and Patent Filing for Filers. The objective of the workshop was to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively navigate the patent application process, protect their intellectual property, and enforce their IP rights. The workshop was attended by 60 faculty from various public universities. The members participated. Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Naseem Ahmed, Senior Examiner of Patents in IPO Pakistan Ms. Shakra Khurshid, Dr. Tanveer Qasim, Dr. Asif Munir also participated in the ceremony.
Dr. Shahid Munir in his address further said that PHEC will empower the faculty members to protect their knowledge capital and advance research and innovation in the universities and also provide financial patronage. He highlighted Orak's role in facilitating the protection of intellectual property rights of university teachers and said that we are trying to create innovation in the academic community. He explained the practical strategy and emphasized that there is a need to simplify patent filing by removing complications. Dr. Shahid Munir added that research creates new knowledge, new products and new procedures and obtaining a PATENT is a manifestation of the uniqueness of the invention or innovation resulting from research. Therefore, if we want a respectable and dignified position for ourselves in the rapidly developing world, then we must cultivate a suitable environment for research and strengthen the quality and quantity of our research from a creative perspective. We have to pledge that we will not only make research a means of obtaining certification and departmental development, but that all this process will lead to the betterment of the country and humanity and in this regard, as students, in making our universities the center of quality research activities. Teachers and policy makers will play their full role. It is true that academic, scientific and medical research in Pakistan is not having any direct impact on our society. Our scholars should make their local, regional and national issues the subject of their academic research as much as possible and then commercialize it to become our economic knowledge base. We need practical research instead of theoretical. He thanked Prof. Dr. Naseem Ahmed, Vice Chancellor of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, for his cooperation in organizing the training workshop. At the end of the ceremony, the chairman distributed certificates to the participants.