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Governor urges Modi for dialogue to fight ‘common enemy’
Governor urges Modi for dialogue to fight ‘common enemy’

LAHORE: (Thursday, December 12, 2019): Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has urged India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come to dialogue table for fighting poverty, inequality, unemployment, hunger, contaminated water etc, which are the common enemies of the people of the region. He was addressing international conference on Dr B.R. Ambedkar jointly organized by Punjab University Centre for South Asian Studies and Ambedkar Society for South Asia at Al-Raazi Hall. PU VC Prof Niaz Ahmad Akhter, MNA Aftab Jehangir, Pro VC Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, Registrar Dr Muhammad Khan, Dean Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences Prof Dr Umbreen Javaid, delegates from India including Dr Vinod Kumar, Rajratna Ambedkar, Shirmishtha Solanki, Dr Suraj Parkash, Vandana Solanki and Namdev, ASSA Director Syed Shaheen Hassan, MPhil/PhD scholars and a large number of students were present on the occasion.

Addressing the conference, Mr Sarwar said that resolving mutual issues through negotiations was in the interest of both the countries as we could not change our geographical positions. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was promoting the message of equality and the same message was presented by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his first speech after creation of Pakistan. He said that Dr B.R. Ambedkar lived his whole life fighting for the rights of suppressed and the poor people of India. He said that Dr Ambedkar made historical efforts for social justice and equality in society. He said that provision of complete freedom and rights to minorities was top priority of the government. He said that no country could progress without contribution and active participation of minorities and prosperity of depressed people. He said that he had strictly instructed the vice chancellors of all universities to implement five percent job quota for minorities as they were also our children. He said that Pakistan government was facilitating and encouraging minorities in all spheres of life. “Opening of visa-free Kartarpur corridor is a proof that all religions are being respected in Pakistan. The foreigners who visit Pakistan bring back our love and hospitality and become our ambassadors,” the governor said. He stated that Pakistan was the biggest victim of terrorism. He said that we had zero tolerance for terrorist activities. Due to remarkable improvement in security situation of the country, he said, a large number of foreigners visiting Pakistan now and Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi teams were also visiting Pakistan for matches. Prof Dr Niaz Ahmad said that minorities enjoyed complete religious freedom in Pakistan. He said that PU administration was encouraging minorities and providing jobs to them. Mr Rajratna Ambedkar said that Mr Gandhi created obstacles otherwise the sub-continent could get libration in 1932. He said that Mr Gandhi feared alliance between the Muslims and Dalits. He said that around 40 percent of BJP parliamentarians were facing rape charges, which was a matter of shame for Indian people too. He said that Dalits were still considered “untouchables” in India even in 21st Century. He said that all the pillars of state in India including parliament, judiciary, media and bureaucracy had totally collapsed. He said that RSS was a terrorist organization which was actually ruling India. He said that democracy in India was in danger. He said that India was a country where cow was respected more than humans. Dr Suraj Parkash said that Dalits were facing problems in India since they took birth. Dr Vinod Kumar said that Dalits were being deprived of basic rights. He said that Dr BR Ambedkar fought for the rights of Dalits and made efforts for their better life. Dr Namdev said that we get more respect in Pakistan than India. He said that Ambedkar wanted caste system free society. He said that we were being disgraced in one society, India, and being welcomed in the other society, Pakistan. In her welcome address, Prof Dr Umbreen Javed said that Dr Ambedkar was an exceptional politician, law expert, economist and human rights activists. She said that Dr Ambedkar’s life gave guidance towards establishing harmonious society. She said that Dr Ambedkar raised the voice of the voiceless and her efforts for depressed segments of the society would be remembered in all times to come. Later, Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Mazhar distributed shields among the guests.