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Meaningful Inclusion of students as Peace Makers stressed
Meaningful Inclusion of students as Peace Makers stressed

LAHORE: (Wednesday, December 11, 2019): Speakers at a seminar have called upon the need for meaningful inclusion of students as peacemakers to raise awareness on the topics of peace, tolerance, acceptance, diversity and harmony. The seminar was organized by Punjab University College of Earth and Environmental Sciences in collaboration with Center for Health and Gender Equality (CHANGE) at Al Raazi Hall. MPA Mussarat Jamshaid Cheema, Dr. Sughra Sadaf, PTI’s Jamshaid Iqbal Cheema, senior media analyst Salman Abid, Registrar Dr Muhammad Khalid Khan, CEES Principal Prof. Dr. Sajid Rashid Ahmad, faculty members and a large number of student participated in the event. MPA Mussarat Jamshaid Cheema said that we must make efforts by building our capacities in particular skills through various platforms that university life provided and we could align our positive energies.” Prof Dr.Sajid Rashid Ahmad while addressing the participants explained the role of students in peace building and recalled various past interventions that have impacted the young people in society. He stressed that young people being the future of the nation needed to be active citizens so that their energies could be channelized. He said that the peace initiative aimed taking all stakeholders on board in propagating the message of peace and social harmony. Salman Abid said that these programs helped build leadership skills amongst students and students’ participation in such events would contribute towards peaceful and prosperous Pakistan. Anwaar Khawar also spoke on the occasion and gave useful suggestions to the youth for playing their part in development of the country. Jamshaid Iqbal Cheema explained how we can minimize and limit negativity in our surroundings to promote the narrative of peace. Dr. Sughra Sadaf while addressing the participants urged the students to live with some objectives that would ultimately help build Pakistan as peaceful society.