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PU library organizes introductory talk
PU library organizes introductory talk

LAHORE: (Friday, October 15, 2021): Punjab University Library Book Club has organized introductory talks on two books. The books of the month were “Lahore aik sher bemisal By Ahmed Saeed” and “Girl, woman, other by Bernardine Evaristo”. PU Department of History & Pakistan Studies Chairman Prof Dr Mahboob Hussain presented the talk on the Urdu language book “Lahore aik sher bemisal”. He informed that the book is a multi-volume source and presents an authentic account of the cultural and social history of the city Lahore. The introduction to the English book was presented by Zoya Jamil Chaudary. She beautifully presented the subject of the novel which has multiple notions. Chief Librarian Dr Muhammad Haroon Usmani thanked the speakers and participants for their lively contribution to the program and help in promoting book reading.