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PU HCBF marks Pakistan Day
PU HCBF marks Pakistan Day

LAHORE: (Friday, March 24, 2023): Punjab University Hailey College of Banking & Finance (HCBF) organized a seminar to mark Pakistan Day. Principal HCBF Dr Ahmed Muneeb Mehta, renowned educationist Abid HK Sherwani, faculty members and students were present on the occasion. Mr Abid Sherwani emphasized that Pakistan Day is a day of national celebration and pride for the people of Pakistan. He said that Pakistan Day serves as a reminder of the importance of national unity and solidarity; it is an opportunity for the people of Pakistan to renew their commitment to the values of democracy, freedom and equality that form the basis of Pakistan's Constitution. He highlighted the role of the initial five-year planning agendas from 1947 to 1965, uplifting the Pakistani economy, however, Pakistan has been facing some challenges such as political instability, corruption, lack of institutional capacity and external shocks since 1965. Dr Ahmed Muneeb explained the remembrance of the message of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Dr Mehta recapitulated the historic address of Quaid-e-Azam to the All India Muslim League in Lahore on March 23, 1940, where Quaid-e-Azam outlined the vision for a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. He said that Quaid’s message emphasizes the importance of unity, determination, and a strong sense of identity for the Pakistani people. He believed that Pakistan could only succeed as a nation if its people were united in their vision and worked tirelessly to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile, HCBF welcomed its pioneer batch of MPhil (Business Management Program) students at the orientation ceremony. Dr Ahmed Muneeb Mehta, Principal Hailey College of Commerce Prof Dr Mubbsher Munawar Khan and faculty members congratulated the students on their successful enrollment in the program. They advised them to work hard and associated themselves with the College in true spirit to achieve academic and research excellence.