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Researcher claims to discover grave of Amru al-Qais
Researcher claims to discover grave of Amru al-Qais

LAHORE: (Monday, August 15, 2022): Malik Al-Shuara Amr al-Qais, the most famous poet in ancient Jahili literature, was not buried in Hijaz but in Turkiye and was buried in Ankara. According to a press release issued here in this regard, a young Pakistani researcher, Mohammad Huzaifa, has claimed in his book "A lost treasure of Turkiye: Amr al-Qais and Turkey" published by the Urdu Development and Translation Centre of Punjab University. The written book is included in the famous historical seven books that are taught as textbooks of Arabic literature all over the world. Being of Arab descent, the general assumption about Amr al-Qais was that he was buried in Hijaz, but according to this research, he was buried in Ankara. The researcher has presented his research in this regard in the form of a book called 'Turkey's Lost Treasure'. This book has been published in three languages, Turkish, English and Urdu. The English translation has been done by New York University scholar Nadia Khan and the book is available from Qalam Foundation International. This book will also play an important role in bringing the cultures of Pakistan and Turkey closer to each other. This book by Mohammad Huzaifa has been enthusiastically welcomed in the academic circles of Turkey and Pakistan. Turkish professor at Istanbul University Dr. Darmish Bulgar thanked the young writer Mohammad Huzaifa for discovering an important historical treasure of his country and called this book an important, interesting and readable book. Famous Pakistani scholar, researcher and poet Dr. Khurshid Razvi also welcomed the book. The researcher has also written a book on “A Pyramid of Reminiscences”. He is currently associated with Istanbul Madanit University, Turkiye.